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Recent exhibitions:

In the Light of Music

In this exhibition the chalk portraits are skillfully set in scene by a harmonious extra illumination and leave the impression of captured moments of a Live Performance. The lighting shows the artists in their most natural habitat: Performing on stage.

Only Women Bleed – Faces of Feminine Jazz, Rock & Pop

With his 1975 song, Alice Cooper drew attention to women suffering from domestic violence. This exhibition looks at the women behind the icons, who – because they were confronted with sexism, racism or abuse – developed a tremendous radiance and energy.

Meet Fred, Faces of Depression

Suffering from depression is like being in prison. One is locked into an endless downward spiral. Even when amongst people, the feeling of isolation is almost overwhelming.


My installation ‚Isolation‘ was part of the Canvas International Art Fair ‚Out Of Balance‘ in THE LINE gallery and Craft Central, London from 22th Octobre 2020 to 25th March 2021

In 24 Hours - temporal bodies

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is one of the most terrible contemporary disasters to befall humanity on a global scale. People around the world are suffering. Either through being infected with the virus or are in lock-down.

New Groove

This year has been a weird one...but one positive that’s come out of it is that people have tried to channel their energy into trying new things. We want to celebrate that !